And so it begins… (yes, this was really written before it was over)

It is on this historic eve during the later parts of the election of 2016 that I am declaring my intent to run for the President of the United States of America in 2020.  “Surely you jest.”  Nope, I mean it.  It sounds crazy, and for certain, like any concerned citizen with a minimum of two connecting neurons, I have every reason to expect I could presently sit in front of a panel of expert psychiatrists and be declared insane after having endured what can only be described as perpetual pandemonium.  But I promise you, I have not felt more lucid in many months.  Let me explain:

I think it began this spring, as I attended a pathology meeting at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona honoring the retiring Dr. Tom Colby, an esteemed pulmonary pathologist who I have the honor of considering a mentor of sorts.  I say “of sorts,” because I would not bet much that he could pick me out of a line-up.  But he did loan me his mountain bike, and you just can’t take that away.  He was also very inspirational in his dedication, his intellect, his cleverness, his enthusiasm.  His contributions to the field of medicine are massive, and yet his work, like that of many phenomenal people spread across the diverse landscape of life, will largely go unnoticed by all but those in his field.

And the room was filled with such people, with incredible minds, indomitable drive, and seemingly boundless energy to search for answers, to learn, to improve, to help push the understanding and abilities of humankind.  And I looked around and thought, “There must be a dozen people in this room who would be 100 times better suited as president than every damn candidate that has been put on the slate.  What the hell are we doing?”

And now, with my hands white-knuckling the restraints, having endured the emotional roller coaster of this ridiculous – there is no other word, so I will say it again – ridiculous process, all the while choking down the essence of my most recent meal, I have come to the conclusion that I would make a better president than any of the people listed on the ballet that I filled out today.  OK, for sure, that’s not saying much, as that bar is set on what must be the lowest pin, or maybe someone duct-taped it even lower than our founding fathers ever intended it to be set.

So I think I will step up and attempt to save the country.  You probably can’t even form into words how utterly naïve you believe this to be, how foolish, how childish.  Fair enough.  You made it this far, so allow me to press on a bit more by answering a question or two that is probably orbiting the dense ball of disdain that has coagulated in your mind.  But before I do that, let me quickly make a couple of declarations:

  1. I will have no party affiliation.    I don’t even know what to call myself.  But the “logic party” or some derivative has kicked around in my mind, because I would like to base my platform on what seems actually best for the country, not what is best for me, some group, or what is designed to generate the most votes.
  2. My platform will be posted here, and it will evolve over the next four years
  3. I intend to serve one term only, so you don’t have to worry about me campaigning during work hours.

So here I answer those (obvious) questions:

  1. You have no experience whatsoever in government. True, but I have yet to see where experience has been shown to be of any value at all.  In fact, it seems to be a negative regurgitated by those in government who would like very much not to have to deal with someone unconventional and innovative.  And never underestimate the power of a motivated person to learn and adapt.
  2. No independent ever wins. There is first time for everything.  And had there been a true independent candidate this year, one who had been logical and honest and trustworthy and had the mental capacity of an adept mountain gorilla, I think things very well could have played out differently.
  3. But there were independents this time, and they didn’t do jack sprat. Well, there weren’t any true independents, there were just people running on the platforms of smaller parties.  And those parties are not really independent, they have platforms, and not particularly realistic platforms.  Furthermore, if it weren’t for the esoteric name of some city in Syria…
  4. An independent can’t get things done. An old argument put up by candidates from the two big parties that don’t want anyone spoiling the fun.  I say one who truly has no affiliation with either side can work to promote legislation based on its merit as opposed to the party line.
  5. Why President? Why not start small, like the school board?  Well for one, it’s the only way to truly shake things up.  Our government needs a good swift kick in the family jewels, followed by some serious remodeling.  You can’t do that from a governorship.   Also, I am not a politician.  I don’t really want to be a politician.  I certainly don’t want to make a career of it.  And guess what, that’s a quality that is actually desirable.  People are tired of politicians.  They don’t actually want someone who really wants the job at all.  Because by definition, if you want to be President, you are in it for the glory, for the money, for the power, and those are the wrong reasons to be there.
  6. Then why do you want to be President? Well, I already told you: I think I can do the job better than the people who were on the docket this time around, and I have little faith that things will be better in 2020.  And I have two daughters, and would very much like them to enjoy the fruits of this incredible nation, as opposed to having it nose-dive into depravity.
  7. So you have no idea what you are doing, and yet you think you have what it takes to lead the country. That’s truly laughable.  Yeah?  Laugh it up.  Here is the plan: I am going to spend the next four years discussing the issues – all of the issues – on this here blog.  Four years of research, debate, discussion, and evolution, in order to establish real world solutions that are doable.  Have input?  Send it on.  I am not afraid to challenge my own beliefs, and not afraid to admit I am wrong.  I have no agenda and am beholden to no party.
  8. This is a fool’s errand, seriously. What can you really hope to get from this?  Sometimes, knowledge is itself worth the pursuit.  At the end, I hope this will at least provide a framework for ideas, concepts that may in fact find their way into genuine action.

Here ends the statement of intention.  Even now, the polls are beginning to report, and as yet the 2016 Presidential Election is undecided.  We are without question a divided nation, and I harbor little hope that the outcome either way holds the means of repairing the deep chasm that separates us, a chasm that I would blame on the very parties charged with leading us.  Because discussion of issues opens the possibility of actually seeing the view of the other side, whereas fear and anger and loathing are tremendous motivators, aptly demonstrated by the fact that most voters admit they are not voting for a particular candidate, but instead voting against the other.  And ironically, when really pushed to discuss the actual underlying issues, most of us are much closer than either party would have us believe.  Most will say the system is corrupt, it is self-serving; that scheming and lying and mud-slinging are simply part and parcel to success.  And where is the proposed solution?  Do we simply shrug and watch as it all sinks into the sludge?  Or do we do some scheming of our own, and see how much the people of the United States actually care about the continuation of this experiment in Democracy set in motion all those years ago?  If nothing else, it should be educational.

Next up, I will put up some real ideas on an issue, and we will start to see what’s what.