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Knock it off, or I’ll stop the car.

There are symbols and pictures and statues and songs and phrases that offend people. Get over it.

What a bunch of crybabies. Yeah, I am talking to you.

Don’t you hate it when kids fight over really dumb shit that doesn’t amount to anything? Next thing you know it’s pandemonium and something gets broken or someone gets hurt, all for the last bite of a cupcake. It’s hard to hear the phone ringing over all the screaming.

Well, that’s the clue phone, people, and we have bigger issues than the worthless drivel whipping us into a collective frenzy.

You know what? There are racist people in the world.

Get over it.

There are symbols and pictures and statues and songs and phrases that offend people.

Get over it.

There are also sociopaths, and terrorists, corrupt despots, and people that drive really slow in the left lane.

Boo hoo.

Welcome to humanity. These things aren’t going away. Ever. EVER. There will always be racist people and sociopaths and corruption and all sorts of stuff that you don’t like. (Although self-driving cars may one day eliminate the slow drivers in the left lane…so we got that going for us)

Stop making things worse by fighting ridiculous fights prompted by the media and people who benefit from chaos. Stop hating your fellow Americans because they don’t think exactly like you or they don’t react exactly the same way you do to something. Stop blaming others for the problems of the world. Stop allowing people to manipulate us all into a mindless turmoil hellbent on destruction.

If you are so pissed off, then go do something good.

Try to help. Give someone a ride. Wave. Smile. Tell a joke. Laugh at a joke. Play ball. Help someone with a project. Help someone at work. Make a difference. We are in this together, and neither memes nor statues make a shit bit of difference at the end of the day

But hatred does. Hatred starts wars. Sometimes civil wars. Is it worth it?

Do the right thing and let the other guy have the last bite of the damn cupcake.