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The most difficult battles are within.

Does believing my way is the right way mean all those who hold a different view are the enemy?

I am just ruminating a bit today:

How does one step into the middle of an angry mob and bring reason to chaos? Is it even possible?

Does believing my way is the right way mean all those who hold a different view are the enemy?

Should I set limits on the things I will do to fight those enemies?

If I am passionate about a just cause, does it justify unjust actions?

If I turn a blind eye to wrong-doings out of fear, am I smart, or a coward?

If the repercussions of fighting a strong enemy could harm those around me, does it justify inaction?

What about futility? Does an inevitable loss necessitate complacency?

If I do many great deeds, does the support of those I have helped empower me to hurt others?

What if I use that support as a threat, or as a weapon?

If I convince others to unknowingly commit unjust deeds, does their sincerity impart justice to those actions?

If my deeds are well-intentioned, does it relieve me the burden of due diligence?

Life is complex, and our actions and interactions can and do have lasting effects that are difficult to predict, let alone control. More often than not, the decision of action or inaction is made as much on prediction and hope as on knowledge and assurance.

We are witnessing the evolution of our society as we cast aside old ways and struggle to adapt to our heightened ethics. The loudest cries are from those who would oppose this progression, as they can see the inevitable end of our collective tolerance of injustice.

So it is important to recognize that this current turmoil is a symptom of progress; we must work to maintain the momentum.

Do not let a desire to right past wrongs halt our forward progression: success is much more important than revenge.

Do not allow perpetuation of injustice through inaction or fear, stand collectively for what is right.

But do not lash out blindly; we cannot allow ourselves to become weapons for the very systems that we are fighting to end.

Think. Listen. Question. Listen more. Think more. Then act. Always forward.