DeltaSport App

DeltaSport is a purpose-built social media application that allows Teams and Team Members to effectively connect with their followers, share their journeys, and represent their Sponsors in a meaningful way. Designed as a healthy alternative to toxic platforms that monetize the attention of our young people, DeltaSport applies principles described by organizations such as the Center for Humane Technology and All Tech is Human to encourage involvement, promote positive interactions, and allow people to connect in ways that strengthen their environments and communities.

  • Spectators can follow their favorite Events, Teams, or Teams Members is any type of endeavor.
  • Want to post content? You must join a Team to be able to share your story, so get involved in whatever it is that interests you most!
  • Team Members are overseen by Team Owners and encouraged to promote the Team and its Sponsors in a positive way.
  • Teams can participate in Events and share their experience.
  • Sponsors are linked directly to Team and Event posts.
  • Interconnecting MoveUP allows spectators to engage directly with Sponsors: buy merchandise, order food, donate… get involved!
  • No underlying algorithms, no sharing of user data for profit, just communities connecting together on their own terms.

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