Selection process and responsibilities

The role of the school board is to set the policies for the school system.  They create a budget and assign where money is going to be spent, though that budget must be approved by City Council.  They hire and evaluate the Superintendent, whose job is really to run the day-to-day operations of the school system.

In a nutshell, the school board sets the tone for the way the school system is going to be run, and the Superintendent is responsible taking those ideas and applying them to the realities of the system, within the appropriate laws and regulations, and with the money that is available.

Our current selection process is appointment by City Council.  This process is regulated by state code, which designates 3 members from each of the 3 districts, to start a 3 year term of office on July 1.

The requirements for a member are only that they be a qualified voter and resident of the district for which they are to serve.

It is possible to switch from an appointed board to an elected board.  By state code, this would require a petition circulated within a single calendar year containing a number of signatures equaling or exceeding 10% of the registered voters in that locality to be submitted within 111 days prior to an election day.  The city would then be required to issue a referendum where the people would vote on whether or not to retain the appointment process or revert to an election process for selection.  That election process would then be governed by state code.  Referendum procedure